We work with photography interns from schools with official internship programs and show a keen desire to learn something about the business of photography. We ask them to commit 90-120 hours per summer and expect them to exhibit professional behavior and a desire to learn. Some of the tasks they may perform range from marketing research to assisting on assignments. Interns can receive credit for their internship when applicable from their school.

Students need internships to expand their network of industry relationships for two reasons. Firstly, who are you going to call when you get your first real jobs or are asked to do something you are not familiar with? Someone from your network; preferably someone who knows what they are doing is going to give you the information you need. Photography students need a photographer they can call and ask for support and information throughout their careers.

Secondly, your ability to create and nurture your relationships is directly related to your career success.

We recommend that students start interning in their freshman year because, with some notable exceptions, most schools are NOT going to teach you what you need to know to prosper as a photographer and you will be alone in a field that is more competitive than law, medicine or finance. It is almost certain you will not have a job when you graduate unless you already have a network in place.

The photography field can be very rewarding but having talent is no guarantee of prosperity. Business acumen and social skills, and A GOOD NETWORK are equally important.

So, to that end, we feel a responsibility to teach the ins-and-outs of commercial photography, and we do so with great care. We speak to students about lighting techniques and the business of photography. WE DO PAY ATTENTION and any intern that works with us is ENTITLED to my unsolicited opinions, time and attention when they have questions or even if they don’t. Please call if you are interested in a photography internship in Los Angeles.

Photography assignments can be physically demanding, so interns should be prepared for a variety of tasks from digital capture to loading equipment before photography assignments. Since we use established photography assistants, interns aren’t expected to know any lighting systems, techniques or setups, but expected to learn.

I think that THE MOST SUCCESSFUL INTERNS ASK THE BEST QUESTIONS, arrive on time, have very open minds and a good sense of humor.

Please email us to learn more about our photography internship. We are flexible and can work with most schedules although most of our work takes place on the week days.
We look forward to talking with you about your career.


The Photo Intern role is an internship position with responsibilities that require atleast 15 hours per week. We would prefer this intern to work 2-3 days per week (4-5 hours per day). Intern will also have access to studio/equipment as perks for building portfolio. Intern will also gain access to select and unique sports environments

• Intermediate knowledge of Photoshop. Photography Lighting experience not required but preferred.
• Canon or Nikon camera experience a plus.
• Knowledge in Photography, Graphic Design or WordPress is a Plus!
• Self-motivated and able to work independently as well as collaborate as an effective team member.
• Creative, flexible and adaptable.
• Superior attention to detail and excellent follow-through.
• Strong organizational skills.



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